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About RosFish Music


"For the first time in five weeks, when they started to play for her, she relaxed... The pain appeared to subside enough for her to get a few minutes of respite... I cannot put into words the feeling of gratitude for those few moments when my daughter appeared to have been removed from her awful situation and transported somewhere else”. Parent of long term hospital patient and music project participant, children’s ward.




Musicians Ros Hawley and Mark Fisher specialise in the creative and interactive use of music in hospitals, palliative and residential care, and SEN settings.


Situated in the Northwest (UK), Ros Hawley and Mark Fisher have developed their work in this field together since 1994, devising and delivering creative music projects and residencies, training and interactive performances in hospital, educational and residential settings.


Projects and residencies sensitively respond to both people and places - hospital, residential care or educational setting- using music specially developed in response to the environment that allows space for interaction, communication and participation.

Training programmes include the training and mentoring of students and music graduates in the use of music in healthcare settings, and the delivery of interactive music training programmes for creative and play specialist staff, nursing staff, residential care staff and teachers in SEN settings. 

Patient and person centred approaches  used enable participants to interact, communicate, create and respond through music; playing, composing, improvising and making music together creates an environment that enables working ‘in the moment’ with people.

Collaborative and interactive techniques used provide a creative ‘space’ for participants to be supported in creating and developing their own ideas, creating musical improvisations that reflect a range of moods and emotions and focussing on open and interactive communication - enabling interaction and participation.  

Participatory work enables groups to develop their skills in working, playing and performing together.Culminations of project work have been exhibited through commissioned film/slideshows, site specific indoor and outdoor installations, performances, soundtrack recordings and gallery exhibitions.

An extract from our Songbirds work at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital




"Seeing my daughter connect with Ros and her enchanting music is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life......"