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Projects in Hospitals



“The musicians are excellent and bring smiles to the faces of the patients, parents and staff." Nurse.


"Thankyou for making a difference to the lives of all the children you work with." Play centre manager.


Projects and residencies in hospital settings, from children’s wards through to adult care, can be devised as long or short term residencies. Each project is carefully planned with key staff in advance and involves project awareness raising sessions for staff as part of the planning and delivery of the project,  regular visits to wards, collection of feedback from patients, families and staff and reflective evaluation with staff teams/co-ordinators. 

Staff training sessions raise awareness and develop confidence in using music in hospital settings for non specialists, and explore the techniques used by musicians when making music in hospital.

"Seeing my daughter connect with Roz and her enchanting music is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Project work with adult patients on the CF ward at Wythenshawe Hospital, supported by LIME,  took place over a 3 year period. Through a series of 2 hr weekly sessions,   visits were made to the ward to meet patients individually and then developed to provide opportunities for accessing music – either through providing time to listen and relax to live music played at the bedside or corridor spaces, through participatory/creative work in composing music using new and accessible acoustic percussion instruments, making recordings with patients,  and composing music to complement art/poetry/film created by patients.  Patient centred,  sessions were carefully planned and tailor made to suit the needs of the individual.The project focussed on providing a creative outlet for those patients interested in music – either to listen to or to participate in creation- during periods of often long term and isolated hospitalisation.

  " I found I lost myself in the music- half an hour flew by!" Patient.

Residencies on stroke rehabilitation wards as part of work funded by Cheshire East enabled  musicians to collaborate with nursing staff to develop opportunities for music interaction on wards for patients who had suffered strokes. Much of this work was conducted at the bedside of patients, providing opportunities for interaction and communication through musical activity in the form of listening/relaxing to music played for the patients individually, opportunities to join in with familiar songs and interact with other patients through participatory and improvisatory activities using small specially selected percussion instruments. Some patients enjoyed moving gently to the music, responding to the rhythms and moods of some of our specially composed pieces; some patients enjoyed creating music and improvising with the musicians.

“Lovely. Added some peacefulness to the ward.” Nursing staff

Residencies in paediatric settings include orthopaedic wards, renal dialysis units, hospital schools, teen zones, intensive care and high dependency units, metal health units. Projects are planned to meet the specific needs of the ward, involving spontaneous ‘one-off’ interactions with day patients, music making at the bedside for individual patients and listening activities, interactive sessions focussed around communication, music technology and sound recording for small groups, through to individual sessions creating spontaneously composed pieces using specially selected percussion instruments. Music making in this context provides the opportunity for parents, children and siblings to interact together through the music in an activity that takes the focus away from illness,pain and the anxiety of the hospital setting.

“I enjoyed listening to the music. It cheered me up and I was no longer bored... liked the sounds...Made me feel good!...The musicians are cool!” 

 Residencies in adult hospice settings include carefully planned sessions in day units and ward settings, enabling patients to experience and interact with musicians in a sensitive and responsive manner.

“Relaxing and beautiful... Can you come another day?”  

"They came into my room and played specially for me...  I couldn't wait to tell my family..I will remember it for the rest of my life."