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Royal Northern College of Music



As Training Officers for the pioneering RNCM Music for Health Programme, Ros and Mark provide student musicians with a practical learning experience using music in a range of healthcare settings. Through workshop sessions, intensive training, observation and participation in placements in SEN, paediatric and adult healthcare settings, students learn about the practical, observational and reflective skills required for working within the profession of music and health, and summarise their learning experience through submission of evidence based reflective portfolios at the end of the academic year.


RNCM Music for Health training is distinctive in that it teaches communication, engagement and empathy with patients, staff and visitors in healthcare settings to improve wellbeing. It is neither entertainment nor therapy. The value of this approach in accessing live music is being increasingly recognised in a healthcare system where many suffer from chronic or long-term health problems, with regular stays in the limited environment of a hospital. It  directly touches the lives of the students, patients and visitors of all ages and has the added bonus of making significant improvements to the working environment of healthcare staff.


Medical Notes, a project in children's hospitals involved training and mentoring 3 graduate trainees to develop their work in paediatric settings. The project was evaluated by a team of specialist nursing lecturers from Salford University, culminating in a commisioned report in July 2012 which you can read HERE.

“I have gained a great deal from taking part in this project. As the sessions went on, I became more comfortable in the workshop setting and felt more at ease with improvising and responding to the needs of the children”. RNCM student.

 “It’s been an enormous privilege to work with Ros and Mark in developing the RNCM’s Music for Health Programme. They are so committed to creating space for people of any age or ability to express themselves musically. They are certainly the most generous hearted musicians I know.” Holly Marland, Knowledge Exchange Manager, Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM).