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Training Mentoring & Consultancy


“It was great for our musicians to work alongside such an experienced practitioner” – Live Music Now! London – musicians' training day, workshops in SEN schools.

"Thankyou all for all your help during the training days, I found the experience very inspiring and can't wait to do more!" Music trainee, healthcare settings.

Ros and Mark lead intensive training programmes for musicians, students, non-music specialists, teachers and support workers focussed on using music in the hospital environment. Participants are encouraged to develop a practical yet reflective approach to understanding the role of a musician in hospital, through practical workshops, observation,participation and reflective evaluation. Training for staff working in SEN settings focusses on the use of music within a multi-sensory context, gaining skills that develop skills for interaction and communication, improvisation and performance.  

Music in Healthcare Settings: training for musicians, play specialists and nursing staff in the interactive use of music in the healthcare environment. 

Music in SEN settings: Curriculum advice and strategic development, staff training& support programmes, twilight afterschool sessions for teachers and support staff, teambuilding sessions focussed around creative music making skills, advice on project planning , music development and co-ordination for SEN schools

Musicians’ CPD: mentoring and bespoke training/skills development for use in SEN and healthcare settings, artistic exchanges, day long training programmes, projects with regular workshop activity and mentored placements, and music and   healthcare training for musicians

Music, Interaction and Communication:  training and confidence building sessions in the use of participatory and interactive music making with groups and individuals for non-specialist staff in residential, healthcare, hospice and SEN settings, developing skills in communication and interaction through musical activity.

 "Working with Ros was exceptional!" Music trainee.

"Mark you are my guitar guru and I would never have strummed a note if it wasn't for you!" Parent. 

“The teachers' session was great. It forms the session plan for all my lessons.” Teacher, SEN school.

“Very therapeutic and relaxing.” “Really interactive session.” Residential Support worker.